Nickname Knowledge

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Do you consider yourself a sports fan?  Are you proud of all the team name trivia you’ve memorized over the years?  Do you like engaging in a little friendly competition while tailgating before the big game?



Then you’ll love Nickname Knowledge (Pro Sports Edition) by BoogPagodie Games.

The brainchild of a retired high school football coach and his college roommate, Nickname Knowledge is a trivia game that tests your knowledge of team names and mascots. In the Pro Sports Edition just released, players divide themselves into groups and work together to answer questions about the nicknames of professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams.  (“Name 12 pro teams that have nicknames that are birds.”) 

Former coach and co-creator Jim Barre explained that he designed this game to be played “while tailgating, in the airport lounge, or at home on a rainy day.”  To ensure that the game would be portable, Barre and Ralph Herda of Edina, Minnesota implemented their vision in a sleek set of cards.  Given its size, you can store the game in a briefcase or glove compartment.  And if you’re anything like Barre, you’ll carry one in your golf bag.

Although Barre has been sharing this idea with his family for years, he and Herda sought more systematic feedback before going through with production.  He notes that this effort produced a “tremendous response from sports enthusiasts of all ages,” and that they are both “humbled and inspired by the support."