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Nickname Knowledge Pro Sports Edition

The 54 sports trivia cards in the deck provide hours of entertainment. Nickname Knowledge is fun for the casual fan and the sports fanatic.

Nickname Knowledge Pro Sports Edition is a sports trivia game based on team nicknames of the 4 major pro sports leagues: baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. 



The 54 cards in the deck will provide hours of entertainment. Whether at the bar, in the basement, or tailgating at the big game, Nickname Knowledge is fun for the casual fan, all the way up to the sports fanatic. Questions range from: "Name the 5 pro sports teams that have nicknames that begin with 'D'?" to "Name the 6 pro teams that have nicknames related to air and space?"


Nickname Knowledge was started by longtime high school football coach Jim Barre and his college roommate Ralph Herda. Jim is retired from coaching, and currently resides in Cincinnati, OH. Learn More



"I think the game is great. It arrived quickly and looks great. It's easy to take on the road and convenient for playing on the move. We've played it at home, in the car, and on the beach and have enjoyed learning a little about hockey mascots (we're not big hockey fans). We're hoping that you will create a version about college nicknames next. We're big college football and basketball fans and would love a similar game about college teams." - Molly


"I really enjoy the game! It arrived quickly and is well worth the money. I like that we can play it anywhere, and do it without "sitting down to play". We often play while making dinner or while in the car. Ann likes that there are questions regarding the spelling/geography of teams so that even casual sports fans can play without having detailed knowledge of specific sports. One question you might want to look at for the next edition is on teams that begin with "M", you have Mighty Ducks listed as an answer. They are just listed as "Ducks" in some of the other questions so may want to keep calling them Ducks throughout the game to avoid confusion. Everything else is awesome, we're really looking forward to the college edition!" - Tim



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